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Diamond Dash bot

Diamond Dash logoDiamond Dash is a social game among others. And for this king of game, I like spending few time to create robot to show it is more valuable to loose its time on making robots rather than improving its skills for a such game.

The robot is based on AWT robot class to grab the player screen and input mouse events. It parses the screen using colors to find the gems grid then it creates gem groups. It aims the bigger and lower group to click it. Here is an example of what the bot sees:

Gems grid
What the bot sees.

Each gem comes with its color and group size. The only difficulty for this bot is to find the good speed of input. A too slow input will decrease the maximum score but a too high speed will break possible combos (or try to click on spawning gems). Nevertheless, any average speed allows the bot to win with hundred times my friends best score.

Diamond Dash bot
The bot running onto the game.

So finally, this is another example of « Write once, run everywhere win everytime ».

Project status: In production
Code status: Not publicly released
Possible improvements:

  • Learn from games which input speed is the best.