Other projects

Here is a quick look to my other projects:

Firefox projects

Scroll Up Folder logoScroll Up Folder

Firefox addon to goes up folder of a web site.
More details on the dedicated AMO page.

Fosfox logoFreebox OS for Firefox

Firefox addon to connect Freebox download manager to Firefox.
More details on the dedicated GitHub development page.

JeuxVideo.com logoJeuxVideo.com search plugin

An integrated search plugin for JeuxVideo.com French site about video games.
More details on the dedicated AMO page.

Hardware projects

USB logoBépo hardware layout remapper

An hardware keyboard touch converter to type in bépo without installing it.
More details on the project page.

Subversion related projects

SVN notifier logoSVN notifier tweaks

Add an option to ignore externals updates.
Visit the SVN notifier site.

Wireshark projects

Wireshark logoSTANAG 4586 protocol dissector

A Wireshark plugin to decode NATO STANAG 4586 messages.
The NATO Standardization Agreement 4586 is used as standard interface of UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle aka drone) control system.