Web development


I started web programming a few years ago as my primary languages. Nevertheless, here is a quick to my web projects:

Online web sites

Newbie Contest

Logo Newbie Contest

A learning site where newcomers could learn basis of software programming and logics or try theirs skills on hacking, cracking or stenography. Challenges on those categories are offered to whom dare to tackle them. Newbie Contest is one of the few communities which accepts to answer to beginners. So grab your brain and get ready to spend hours learning and sharing with us !

Newbie Center was a learning forum where I learned a lot. The site closed long time ago but the contest part remained and became a separate site: Newbie Contest. I spend few years to build the two first versions of the site with admins and challenge contributors: Nms (No More Secrets), BufferBob and S0470N3 (So Alone). Now, I do no more have time but the site lives by itself with the two last admins: S0470N3 and zours.

Visit Newbie Contest site.


Logo HardCodingThe site before this blog. A place where I could write news and share some projects and code contributions. It was time where I liked to have my own site, leaving away heavy and leaky popular CMS (who said WordPress ?). The site is always up and contains my past projects and articles. You may find some PHP tutorials or SF writings.

Visit HardCoding site.

Platform plugins


VMoodle logo A plugin for the LMS (Learning Management System) Moodle for platform virtualization. You can make snapshots of your standard platform and deploy them as new Moodle instances. All those instances are virtual (no need to configure new server for each new instance) and handled and monitored by the plugin with new meta-administration commands. The project was created to handle French academies learning sites into one big common service.

Visit VMoodle site and GitHub reposity.

Deployment and customization


Logo TracA wiki and bug tracker platform. I spent a lot of years using this tools for hosting my projects (remember that GitHub only exists since 2008). I have the opportunity to dedicate some servers and create several kind of customizations. From Subversion 1.7+ support to branch web locking or reintegration log generator through CSS and template theming, a lot of mods were added. My school asked me to deploy this platform to get a software forge for students and I convinced coworkers to adopt it as bug tracker.

Visit Trac (Edgewall) site.

Offline web sites

Ultimate Chess

Ultimate Chess logoAn online chess site mixing classic chess rules and RPG style. Players can play against other players using spells or perks according the number of chess piece taken from their opponent and their rankings. Coding this site was a real nightmare: JavaScript and CSS was not fully functional on each browser, canvas didn’t already exist, AJAX only started to be implemented. But I enjoyed playing with the premise of this technology. The site was used as experimentation lab and is no more running due to hosting costs.