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Chromebook: End of Support

I like my ASUS C300 Chromebook: it’s my way to go laptop. It is cheap, something like 200~250€ few years ago, light and solid, only plastic here and no hard-drive which poorly handles transport, and it lasts long enough to endure any conference. Yes, even 8am to 10pm long Devoxx days.

I previously owned a HP laptop, five time more expensive than this Chromebook and I had to change the keyboard each year, touches broke too easily, the screen ribbon two times, the motherboard, the speaker, the fingerprint sensor, which was shocking my wrist when typing, one time each. Even the case itself broke after 3 years in my backpack. So Chromebook is definitely a good deal: 5 years now and not even a (deep) scratch!

But earlier this month I discovered this surprising new notification on my Chromebook:

Chroomebook end of support notification

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