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Java logoJavaStats is a small tool for code documentation analysis. It was created during my studies to check the code documentation coverage. It parses project source files to grab Javadoc and make a report by packages and developers. The goals were to ensure each part of the code was well documented and, if not, whose was responsive for. It may also be used for line of code counter.

Special efforts were made to parse and analyses the document as fast as possible. JavaStats keeps running fast event on huge projects (less than a second for 1M lines of code across 50k of files). Reports was initially designed to be portable and easy to read. The default output format is a single HTML page (without any resource dependency like CSS, JavaScript or image files) to be easily send and share with coworkers.

But the tool was also designed to produce several kinds of output: text, shell, JSON and XML. The text and shell outputs tend to be used on command line whereas JSON and XML outputs are suited to be exploited as input by other software. In the same order, the tool could be integrate as an Ant task to automate code documentation coverage checks.

Here is sample reports for Worldwind source code analysis: HTML report, JSON report, XML report and text report.

Project status: In production
Code status: Not publicly released
Possible evolutions:

  • Integrate as Ant task,
  • Add GUI to display graphics and code metrics.