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About me

I am a French software engineer. I got my first computer at fourteen years old when I immediately saw how this tool can be powerful. Few months later I started learning computer security. While increasing my knowledge, I felt the need to test and share it. So I naturally came to programming. I started learning Web technologies to try any ideas I had about how to use this tool (PHP, SQL, VB), create content (HTML, JS) and share. I had the opportunity to help and evolve the community which brought me up. I created computer skills (programming, hacking, cracking, logic) learning site: NewbieContest. I had come full circle.

Later with my maths studies, I learned more scientific languages (Mapple, CaML, Scilab) which led me to think about programming more like a science rather than a tool. Mathematics and physics problems context gave me rigor in my works and I started applying an efficiency quest, not only to my problem solutions, but also to my coding way it-self. I started learning my first programming theories and paradigms to find how I could improve the code. Increasing language expertise was no more sufficient to get better results. I studied more and more frameworks (Zend Framework) and API to understand theirs designs.

At the same time, I learned low level languages (C then C++) for theirs rigor and efficiency. Linux environment led me to system programming (network, kernel modules) whereas Web technologies led me to server administration. My school of engineering introduced me to other languages and technologies (Java Standard and Enterprise editions, Oracle databases, XML/XSLT) and computer sciences as artificial intelligence (Prolog) or compilation theory (flex, yacc, bison). To gather all those skills, I realized a distributed 3D battle programming as last year school project.

I did my first internship as Web developer which offered me an half-time job opportunity (which I declined due to my studies and my time consuming thirst of knowledge). My second internship was for Intel as R&T developer to create a visualization layer for the learning management system Moodle. And my last year internship was for Airbus group as Software engineer to design the new step of a simulation framework. Since I was hired and I work for Defense industries as software engineer.

Today, I still spends hours to learn new languages and technologies (Android related for the now) to increase my computer science awareness and improve my software design skill.